BA 19/04/1888


Owing to the severe depression in the fishing industry, the boat-building trade has become almost extinct. This week, however, we noticed in the harbour two fine new carvel-built Zulu boats, which were launched a few days ago from the yard of Messr’s William Mackintosh & Sons, Portessie. This long established firm has gained a most favourable reputation for the strength and fine models of their boats, the strength not lying so much in extra heaviness of framework or planking as in the careful workmanship and general build. Messr’s Mackintosh adopt a system entirely their own, in which the greatest possible strength is obtained without making the boat unduly heavy, and the high appreciation in which they are held is shown by the fact that during a period of unusual dullness in boat-building they have been fully employed. The boats just launched are much about the same dimensions - viz - length of keel, 50ft, length o’all 65ft, breadth of beam, 19ft and depth 12ft. The first boat is named ‘Fame’ BF 339 and was built for Messr’s William & Alexander Slater, Buckpool. She has already made one trip to the greatline fishing and behaved splendidly according to the crew; And the other is named ‘Helen & Margaret’ BF 333 & is owned by Mr. James MacKenzie, Portessie. They have been fitted up with the latest improvements, including capstans which are gradually coming into use on board fishing boats. In accordance with the wish of the owner, ‘Helen & Margaret’ is to be fitted with a wheel in place of a tiller. The ‘Helen & Margaret’ is being made ready for sea.

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